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the generation 6 car. >> darrell: they need to hit the reset button. the ecu unit. they need to hit the button. >> larry: i think they need to push it to victory lane and forget it. >> mike: he told the crew not to touch it. well, he'd like to light them up. the 75 laps were unlimited. now here comes the wrecker for a push. >> darrell: guess what? i bet it will be real gentle, too. >> i broke it. >> i know! >> i don't care. [ laughter ] >> darrell: we don't need it anymore tonight anyway. >> that's the lame duck. it's just a matter of how many we get. >> more to come. >> that's right! >> mike: kevin harvick and car owner richard childress. well, we said we didn't expect much bump-drafting in the "sprint unlimited." but they will bump-draft
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harvick to victory lane.
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>> chris: "fox," "sprint unlimited" live in daytona. 37-year-old kevin harvick in the gen-6 car celebrating in victory lane. matt yocum is there. [ cheers & applause ] >> matt: chris, the night started out with little keelan sitting in dad's future winning racecar. so much was unknown going in tonight. you knew stewart would make a move. was it move you expected them to try? what was it like sitting there waiting? >> well, i was nervous about the 20 and the 14. i thought their cars were a little bit better than what we had. i want to thank sprint and
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the race fans. this is where everybody sitting in the stands and at home. budweiser, bag boy buggy, realty and everybody to put the car on the racetrack. good way to start off speed weeks. >> matt: what kind of a statement does it send to folks who were repeating the lame duck phrase this year? >> it's about winning races and politics and one thing but in the racetrack it's about making this car as fast as it will go and those guys, they don't care about anything but winning. wanting to do good. so he owe it to them. everybody at budweiser. we had to take their name off the race to win it. awesome day for us. >> matt: congratulations. >> thank you. >> matt: win number three in the "sprint unlimited." >> chris: thank you. as kevin harvick said time going in richard childress racing i want to leave it better than i found it before he moves on. a lot to accomplish. but with michael waltrip,
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brad keselowski the guest analyst. you did good so far picking stewart and harvick. fatherhood treating kevin harvick very well and the aggressive driving. what did we learn about the generation 6 car tonight? >> we saw kevin harvick and tony stewart, guys that drive aggressively are rewarded. that is a key thing. we saw greg biffle made a great move for the lead at the end but kevin harvick drove more aggressive and made it work. that's what won him the race. >> michael: i like being part of the fox team. glad he has a job. >> chris: pretty good. >> michael: picks a whistle the first segment. picked the race winner. i agree with brad 100%. the guys that are aggressive made it happen. one thing i was disappointed at the end was people trying to figure out what to do. a new car. there is new challenges. so nobody really made a move. the first guy to move was logano who dove down from the fourth and fifth spot. got third at the end. maybe if they moved sooner and everybody watching like brad and the guys in the race will say all right, maybe we got to make the move sooner. >> chris: remember tony stewart said it will be ten minutes and i'll figure
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things out and he did with that aggressive driving. welcome in guys from the booth. set things up nicely for the daytona 500. a week from sunday. >> mike: well, kevin harvick led 40 of 75 laps. but matt kenseth is known for his patience. but tonight, he tried everything to get to the front. he just couldn't get any help. >> darrell: no, but i am really happy with this racecar. there were so many doubts how this thing would race, with the little rear spoiler, would it be too loose, in could they run three wide? could they bump? or draft? we didn't see pushing and shoving but great race and we saw an exciting finish. kevin harvick, he loves this kind of race. his old car owner is happy about this, too. because it makes a statement to the rest of the guys. he may be leaving but we ain't done yet. >> larry: he is leaving but new places knopped faces. joey logano now over at penske racing. matt kenseth at joe gibbs racing getting top five finishes. good way to start the new season with the new ride. >> mike: kevin harvick celebrates as we go to steve
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byrnes. >> steve: tony, what happened early in the race when there the big wreck broke loose? >> i got a big run on the 20. i went to the bottom. i thought i was cleared and the spotter did not clear me. i went on my own and i thought i had enough run to be clear of the third place guy. i'm pretty sure i clipped whoever was in third. so i, i made a move for the lead. and probably was anxious too early. but it was -- i was kind of stagnant where i was at and having fun moving forward and i felt racy. >> steve: thank you. >> chris: it was a split second decision by kevin harvick. kind of a double-block move to hold off tony stewart. and greg biffle. chevy edges ford in the "sprint unlimited." we'll have more from daytona in a moment.
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>> chris: terrific move by harvick to win. aerial coverage provided by goodyear. everything we learn making tires we inspire into your tires. >> michael: i talked about athleticism and split-send moves. watch that harvick did twice. car up in front of biffle and it drove him to the win. great lap that kevin harvick drove. >> chris: former daytona 500 winner. and for the third time in the last five years, he has captured this event. and the "sprint unlimited." we thank you for your voting involvement tonight. and the fire suit selected for miss sprint cup.
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waiting for that. >> on board? >> my favorite part. thanks for having me here. >> chris: yeah. out of your fire suit, you will be in there tomorrow for the front row poll qualifying. opening defense again of your championship. a week from sunday in the daytona 500. >> yeah. miller lite ford we will be back and ready to go. defend our title next weekend. daytona 500. let's do it. >> chris: you will be there as well. looking for -- you trade your suits for fire suits. he will be back out there as well. >> i like the other suit better. this is nice. my other suit is better. >> michael: daytona 500 defines my career winning here before. every year i can't wait to be part of the great american race. >> chris: he reminds me of that. "i'm a two-time daytona 500 champ." >> michael: you're a good anchor man. >> chris: next on fox, the late local news. "30 seconds to fame" following that later. pole qualifying, right here tomorrow from daytona. week from tomorrow, daytona 500. 1:00 eastern, 10:00 pacific you will see michael and brad
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keselowski in action. see who is on the pole on the front row for the 55th running of the great american race. week from sunday at noon eastern, the daytona 500. kevin harvick part of that. for brad, michael, i'm chris myers. the entire fox crew, thank you for being here for the "sprint unlimited." join us tomorrow and week from sunday for "fox. "nascar on fox." captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> so much for the lame duck, right?
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining
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us for this special post-race edition. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. we begin with developing news on san francisco bay where hours ago a pleasure boat hit a ferry carrying hundreds of people. john sasaki reports. >> reporter: this was the destination for that ferry. the ferry building here in the city. but a quick trip from sausalito was brought to a screeching halt. the ferry was hit around 4 p.m. near tiburon by a speed boat carrying two people and traveling according to the coast guard at a high rate of speed. the coast guard is investigating what caused the would the to broadside the ferry. 500 people were on the ferry at the time, none of the passengers was hurt. we caught up with three women here on the ferry and they say lots of people were shaken up. >> we didn't know what would happen. someone was screaming like oh, man or something. we didn't know what happened. i went out to see what happened. and people pointed to a small boat and i couldn't see someone -- there was no one standing up
7:17 pm
and everyone was really shook up. >> saw people coming. all the people were scattering like to look down to see what happened and somebody came in like all teary and, uhm, some of the people there also were as she said like described that they were like oh, man -- >> reporter: these are photos of the boat taken shortly after the accident taken by the tourists from los angeles. after the coast guard cleared the ferry it came to the city at 5 p.m. to drop off passengers before returning to san leandro. two trauma personnel cared for the individuals on the boat one of whom was unconscious at the time and had to be treated with cpr. no word right now on the condition of those two people. but we'll be bringing you much more tonight on the ten o'clock news. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco muni says a woman is hospitalized after
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being hit by muni bus. >> i'll pick it up from here -- well, there you go, heather. >> the accident happened at lake merced boulevard and john muir at 4:30 this afternoon. the exact circumstances of the accident remain under investigation. we are told the victim's injuries are not life- threatening. the driver will have standard drug and alcohol tests. a treasure island family is driving the loss of a 10-year- old girl who died in an early- morning apartment pier. cell phone video of the complex on mariner drive. the two-alarm fire broke out around midnight. firefighters say two people made it out of the apartment but the girl was on the second floor. firefighters and neighbors say they tried everything to get to her. >> i started crying because i couldn't get to the girl. i jumped down off the stairs and flames came down. right when i got to the door, the house blew up and glasses popped all over the place. >> two firefighters were treated for minor injuries at the scene. the red cross is helping more
7:19 pm
than two dozen residents burned- out of their homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. breaking news just into the tkvu newsroom. oakland police are on the scene of a homicide. a man killed on eighth street in oakland around 5:00. that's not far from the west oakland bart station. we are gathering additional information on this breaking story and we'll have an update for you coming up later on the 10:00 news. also in oakland police are searching for a suspect in a fatal stabbing there early this morning. emergency responders were called to east 11th street near 7th avenue just after 6 a.m. when they arrived they found a 22-year-old man who had been stabbed in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are looking for a suspect seen running away from the scene. this is -- [ signal breakup ] that was oakland's 11th homicide of the year. continuing coverage of that streak of light that was seen across bay area skies last
7:20 pm
night. there's been a lot of cosmic activity in the last 24 hours with a meteor in russia injuring hundreds. and an asteroid that flew close to earth. [ signal breakup ] if no audio ] is n no audio ]
7:21 pm
>> were therefore recorded and shared with the worldwide audience. like the video on youtube captured by a driver on southbound 280 in san francisco. >> most of the earth is 70% water so most of them happen over water. don't see them. >> there are about 1,000 hazardous asteroids. >> reporter: sometimes they go undetected until they strike. most of these cosmic objects just pass by. leavings nothing but wonder in their wake. russians are cleaning up major damage from the meteor explosion there yesterday. windows were shattered and more than 4,000 homes and businesses and about 1200 people were injured. officials say they are working
7:22 pm
quickly to make repairs as people cope with freezing temperatures. today authorities went -- divers went into a lake where it appears the meteor landed but found nothing. we have new information tonight about the case of ex- lapd officer christopher dorner. police say he died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. last tuesday, dorner's body was found inside a cabin at big bear that had gone up in flames. his body was identified through dental records. dorner is suspected of killing four people including two police officers. meantime, dozens of people protested today outside the lapd headquarters in support of dorner. the group says it agrees with his claims that he was unfairly fired. while the protestors say they don't condone the killings attributed to him, they do believe he was a victim of what they say is systemic corruption within the lapd. >> the vatican may select a
7:23 pm
replacements for pope benedict more quickly than first thought. cardinals could gather on march 15. normally the church requires a 15 to 20 day waiting period after a vacancy so catholics can mourn the "death" of a pope but in this case the 85-year- old pontiff is retiring at the end of the month. a south african television network tonight aired a reality show starring the model who was gunned down on valentine's day allegedly by her boyfriend olympic track pioneer oscar pistorius. reeva steenkamp's family said they had no problem with the broadcast saying her last message to them was to watch the episode. the 29-year-old steenkamp held a law degree and worked as a model before her death on thursday. olympic star and double amputee athlete oscar pistorius has been charged with shooting steenkamp and is due in court on tuesday. internet security pioneer john mcafee is reportedly back in the caribbean tonight. a website says he traveled from oregon to an unnamed country to
7:24 pm
reunite with his girlfriend. the article suggests the former security software mogul plans to marry his girlfriend so he can bring her to the u.s. he is wanted for question in the murder of his neighbor in belize. a big rig was parked on the shoulder of the northbound lanes of highway 101 around 6:40 this morning when a crash happened. officials say the driver of the tanker was sleeping in his cab when the pickup ran into the back. the highway patrol says it appears the pickup driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. he is a 43-year-old man from pinole. the big rig driver was unhurt. no spill from the tanker. police say speed appears to be a factor in a solo crash that sent seventeens to the hospital in east san jose last night. investigators say the suv flipped and rolled over after
7:25 pm
the driver lost control on martin avenue around 10:00. firefighters had to use the "jaws of life" to rescue the driver. >> i heard a screech and like a boom and we came running over here to make sure everyone was all right. and there was a guy pulling some people out of the car. >> the victims were taken to  three hospitals. officials say three of the teens had serious injuries but none was in critical condition. a teenager was shot to death outside a high school in watsonville last night. the victim is 18-year-old marco ortega. police say he was shot multiple times outside the high school on east beach road but wasn't a student there. they say friends took ortega to the hospital. he gave a statement to police before dying of his injuries. police say they do not have anyone in custody. a uc-santa cruz student says she plans to return to campus next week after being shot in the head off monday night. it's a story we told you on the ten o'clock news.
7:26 pm
the 21-year-old was at this bus stop near natural bridges beach when a man with a rifle robbed and shot her. doctors removed a bullet from her skull. police are still looking for her attacker. in a statement today the woman said that she is, quote, extremely moved by the kind words and genuine concern that have been extended to me by friends, family and strangers. a san quentin inmate convicted in a 2006 oakland shooting is about to be released from prison. the "chronicle" reports prosecutors have asked a judge to free 51-year-old ronald ross after he served 7 years in prison for attempted murder. ross' attorneys said their client was the victim of shoddy police work and a lying witness. the district attorney's office has conceded his conviction should not stand. ross is expected to be released next week. lots of sunshine out there today. let's check in now with meteorologist mark tamayo to find out what to expect for sunday. >> lots of 60s and 70s once again across the bay area.
7:27 pm
but some big changes to talk about in our five-day forecast. a big temperature change and also rain making a comeback. as far as those readings from the afternoon, they range from the 60s to the low 70s. most areas a little cooler compared to yesterday very warm numbers. latest right now on the satellite you will see a big batch of high clouds that moved across the region today. right now, we have mostly clear skies and current temperatures are dropping off most areas currently in the 50s. downtown san francisco, 52. san jose 57. and livermore in the mid-50s reporting mostly clear skies and 55. forecast headlines for tonight partly cloudy tomorrow some patchy morning fog, a cooling trend kicks in for your sunday and look what happens. we bring in more rain clouds and a big drop-off in temperatures. that will be the overall weather headline over the next few days. forecast lows tomorrow morning will be in the upper 30s, bundle up towards santa rosa, napa and fairfield. san francisco forecast low of 46. san jose starting out the day 42 degrees. high pressure has been the key
7:28 pm
weather feature over the past few days. producing that warmup for today. tomorrow, as we mentioned cooler and here's the next system moving in from the north. this moves in by tuesday with that big temperature drop. here's the temperature trend over the next few days. it's a sharp drop-off and by tuesday we do introduce that rain and we could have at least some moderate rain pushing through the bay area and then beyond that we are still tracking some shower chances, as well. here's our forecast model tomorrow. no raindrops to worry about just some areas of fog hugging parts of the shoreline first thing sunday morning, patchy fog in the inland valleys. monday dry but we thicken up clouds throughout the day and look what happens first thing tuesday morning. just in time for the tuesday morning commute, some wet streets out there with some moderate rainfall maybe even a few heavier cells. forecast highs tomorrow no more 70s. warmest locations still warm, mid-60s at santa rosa, san jose 64, redwood city 64 degrees, as well.
7:29 pm
and half moon bay dropping back to the upper 50s. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast. with your weekend always in view we'll gradually thicken up the cloud cover on monday. there's the big temperature drop. i have now been talking about rainfall so much -- i have been been talking about rainfall so much for 2010. beyond tuesday we are tracking shower chances so finally a change in the overall weather pattern. this spring fling we have been dealing with is leaving. >> get the umbrella out. thank you. hundreds of uc-berkeley students crammed doe library yesterday but studying wasn't on their minds. ♪ [ music ] >> there they go. they were recording the latest harlem shake video in the past couple of weeks dozens of videos of the dance craze have pped up online. as you heard there is music on the video posted on the daily cal website but according to the newspaper, the students actually danced silently to obey the library rules. but they pulled it off. >> they did. >> coming up on the

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